Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years to treat everything from back pain, anxiety and depression, to digestive disorders and arthritis. By inserting fine needles at specific acupuncture points, the body is encouraged to heal and restore its natural balance. 
It is a side effect free, natural way back to health.
The World Health Organisation (WHO) has endorsed the use of Acupuncture for many conditions, including:

The facial rejuvenation series includes the treatment of your internal health issues along with facial enhancement. When the internal body is nourished and the energy and blood are flowing smoothly this radiance  reflect in your physical appearance.

How Does it Work?

Borrowed from a technique used to treat muscle atrophy, 
needle insertion promotes the circulation of Qi (energy 
flow) and blood to your face. From a Western medicine 
perspective, the needling creates a microscopic wound,
which when healing stimulates your skin to produce 
collagen and elastin. This improves muscle tone and 

Balancing your internal organs is also an important aspect 
of this program's success. Internal health is reflected in 
your skin.

This series can remove 5-10 years from your face. 
Results last 3-5 years, and often actually improve over 
time with maintenance treatments and by following my 
anti-aging lifestyle, skin care, and facial exercise 
recommendations. I recommend follow-up maintenance
on a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly schedule depending 
on your age, goals, and home-care habits.

Here are some of the results you may expect from an Cosmetic Acupuncture:
• Skin becomes more delicate and fair
• Reduction of wrinkles
• Reduction of fine lines and deeper lines
• Reduction of sagginess
• Lifting of droopy eyelids 
• Clearing or reduction of age spots 
• An overall rejuvenation that is not confined to your face.
 (Read what clients are saying about Cosmetic Acupuncture.)
The Journal of Clinical Acupuncture says that 90% of clients have marked improvement in their faces and experience an overall rejuvenation that is not confined to the face. 

Chinese Medicine and Infertility

In a recent study Chinese Medicine has been shown 
to result in a high success rate of pregnancy in 
infertile couples (Journal of Chinese Medicine 2006). 
It has shown improvements in the size and number 
of eggs and in the thickness of the uterine wall, all 
of which could help to explain its success.

Chinese Medicine can be used on its own or in 
combination with IVF or other forms of assisted 

Chinese Medicine treatment is tailored to you as an 
individual. I will take note of your medical history, 
the characteristics of your menstrual cycle and your 
general health.

The aim of the treatment will be, where appropriate, 
to regulate the cycle and support ovulation or 
implantation. A minimum of three months' treatment 
can be expected in the case of unexplained infertility. 
Although with underlying problems such as endometriosis or Polycystic Ovaries, the treatment tends to be longer, improvement will be experienced in the length and quantity of flow and reduction or disappearance of pain.


More and more, acupuncture is being used in to 
enhance IVF treatment. Ideally, preparation for IVF 
should be started 3 months before implantation in 
order to increase thickness and nourishment to the 
lining of the womb. Treatments just a couple of 
weeks in advance will also help.

Treatment is then given weekly, before, to maximise 
follicle growth, endometrial thickness and egg quality 
and after egg collection to minimise trauma and 
promote healing. Then before and after egg 
transfer, to prevent rejection by smoothing 
the flow of Qi in the area.

If pregnancy is successful, then treatment weekly 
until the 12th week can be very helpful. After the 
12th week, monthly treatment until the last 4 weeks 
before due date when weekly treatments are resumed 
to promote a smooth and efficient labour and delivery.

If there is nausea and sickness, acupuncture is excellent a relieving these symptoms. If the IVF cycle is not successful, acupuncture can help prepare for the next cycle or restore the body to its normal function if no further treatment is followed.

For further information about assisted reproduction go to Human Fertility & Embryology Association (HFEA)

According to a German study done in 2002 the success rate of 42.5% was registered in women having acupuncture at the same time as IVF.
A recent article in the British Medical Journal concluded that the figures were closer to 65% success rate. To read this article click (British Medical Journal)

An ancient Eastern healing art originating in China, Acupressure, like Shiatsu Massage uses finger pressure to qi points along the body’s meridians. 

The main difference in application is the pace of the 
practitioner as he moves from point to point. 
With Acupressure, the energy points are held for up 
to a minute before moving on to the next point. 
The session be slow and deliberate.

Oils and lotions are not necessary for Acupressure 
and so the client may remain clothed.

Acupressure self help is very common for relief of 
headaches, nausea, and for even preventing a 


Facial Rejuventation




joint pain

morning sickness

musculoskeletal -


neck pain

period irregularities

poor immunity

post natal depression

premenstrual tension

respiratory problems


scar tissue


sequelae of stroke


skin problems /acne

sports injury


tennis elbow


trigeminal neuralgia

urinary infection/retention

weight problems

addictions - smoking


anxiety - depression


back pain

bladder disorders

bowel disorders

carpal tunnel

circulatory problems

common cold



digestive problems



fluid retention

frozen shoulder

golfers elbow

gynaecological & infertility


hay fever